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Pediatrics is very different from adult medicine in that the relationship is not just between the doctor and patient, but also the patient’s parents. At Wake Internal Medicine, it is our goal to develop a relationship with our patients and their families. We realize that the pediatric patient, parent and physician relationship is an important dynamic to understand. Our physicians at Wake Pediatrics are parents of infants and adolescents themselves and understand that trust between all parties must be assured. Once the child reaches an adolescent age, open communication is necessary to provide the most accurate and effective care. If the child is too young to make decisions on his or her own, our physicians focus on listening to the patient’s experience with a condition or issue while keeping the parent’s wishes and concerns in mind. We believe, when it is possible, open lines of professional communication is imperative to providing expert pediatric care.


Why our Pediatric Physicians are Different

Our physicians are board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine. This allows Wake Pediatrics to provide the same quality of medical care for the whole family within one healthcare practice. Our Med-Peds physicians can become a primary care provider for your whole family.

There are even more benefits of having a Med-Peds physician as your primary care provider. It is definitely easier to coordinate trips to the doctor. However, Med-Peds physicians also work collectively to bring added insight to the table by treating the whole family. Our physicians communicate and have the ability to realize patterns when treating patients who are related. They can better address conditions that may be hereditary because they have insight from treating and dealing with other family members who may have the same condition. The ability to treat pediatric patients as well as adults, allows Wake Pediatric patients to stay with the same healthcare providers past childhood. The intangibles and insights that our physicians gather over your medical history with us, helps develop a Med-Peds physician team that is uniquely tuned and educated to your medical needs.

Wake Pediatrics- Raleigh, NC

At Wake Pediatrics, we have two office locations that serve Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas. We are accepting new patients at both locations and welcome patients of all ages. If you are new to the area, moving from a different practice, new parents or expecting a child, we can provide you and your family with the comprehensive care you need. To learn more about Wake Pediatrics and why we are different from other practices, contact us at our North Raleigh location.

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