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Tier 1: What is it?

Wake Internal Medicine Consultants qualified as a Tier1 provider with BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina and CIGNA by exceeding a rigorous set of quality and cost criteria, proving their ability to provide the highest quality healthcare at an optimum value. A Tier1 practice offers the most cost-effective medical care regardless of variations in patients’ insurance plans.

Additional Billing Information

You will receive separate bills (other than from WIMC) for any procedure performed by our physician at an ambulatory center or hospital. Any bill you receive from us will be for the physician’s services; the bill you receive from the center or hospital is for the use of their facility. Any questions pertaining to bills from other providers should be directed to that provider, and not to WIMC.

Please be aware that insurance companies now have preferred provider lists. This change means that if you need to see a doctor outside of our practice, your primary care physician will use this list to refer you to the specialist. This will benefit you by keeping your co-pay as low as possible. If you are referred outside of your network, it is possible you will have to pay a much higher co-pay for a specialist visit.

WIMC’s Payment/Credit Policy

Wake Internal Medicine will be happy to file claims to your insurance company as a courtesy to you. However, seeing that your account is paid is your responsibility. We do expect timely settlement of your account, and payment at the time of service is expected. Any delinquent accounts may be reported to the Credit Bureau.

WIMC & Medicare

Wake Internal Medicine Consultants (WIMC) participates with several HMO and PPO insurance plans. Please note, however, that WIMC is a non-participating provider of Medicare. Please see the Medicare Billing Policy page of our website for further explanation.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Effective January 2014, WIMC will see NC State Govt. retirees that are established patients ONLY that opt for Humana Medicare Advantage or United Healthcare Medicare Advantage.

Established patients ONLY with BCBS Medicare Advantage.

WIMC Endoscopy Procedure Payment Policy

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