Geriatric Healthcare Raleigh, NC

Geriatric Medicine is a sub-specialty of health care that is concerned with the elderly and the aging process.  As people age, their health care becomes more complicated and delicate. Many times, an elderly person’s children become their care givers, which can be very stressful for the care giver as they have other responsibilities in their lives which pull them in other directions. For example, a care giver could be a parent to small child, geriatric healthcare raleigh ncas well as having a job, and then also need to take care of their parent. Between all of these responsibilities, the care giver may not have the time to make researched decisions regarding the geriatric health care for their parent. In other scenarios, the care giver may be a spouse who is also elderly, and cannot provide the health care treatment necessary on a daily basis. No matter what your scenario, whether you’re a patient or care giver,
the health considerations are plenty. Wake Internal Medicine provides geriatric healthcare in Raleigh, NC. WIMC can help take responsibility off your hands, while giving you piece of mind that your loved ones are in good hands. WIMC’s geriatric physicians are board certified in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Geriatric Care Considerations

There are many things to consider when taking care of an older individual:

  • Long-term health
  • Short-term health
  • Daily activities and care
  • Pain management
  • Food preparation and diet
  • Patient independence
  • Analysis and assessment of health

geriatric healthcare- Raleigh, NC

WIMC Geriatric Healthcare in Raleigh, NC

Our health care system is designed not only to heal patients, but to also help relieve some of the stress surrounding the responsibilities that the care giver most likely feels.  WIMC takes these considerations and others that might be unique to your loved one into account when caring for our patients. By taking some of these tasks off of care givers’ plates, we can put families at ease and make the time that they do spend together more enjoyable and less stressful.

How WIMC Can Help

Our geriatric doctors are experts in health care for the elderly. You can trust us to analyze and recommend treatments and courses of actions that are best for the elderly patient. Our goal is to help keep the patient safe, pain-free, and healthy, and to give them control over their life. We provide individualized care, but help facilitate patient independence for as long as possible. If our goals seem to be one in the same, please contact us at our Raleigh, NC geriatric healthcare office 919.781.7500.