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To better serve our North Raleigh patients, we are happy to announce that Dr. Prashanti Aryal is now practicing at our Durant Road office every Wednesday. Dr. Aryal has developed a loyal following of patients throughout the region; many whom have been willing to drive the extra miles to her 3100 Blue Ridge office. We hope to make her more accessible to not only established patients but to patients seeking a talented and caring gynecologist in the North Raleigh region.

Here are some of the quotes from recent patient surveys:

“Dr. Aryal is such a wonderful doctor. She is so personable and smart. I would not go to any other doctor because she is a best all around!”

“The doctor was amazing! Incredibly kind and sociable. Made me feel very comfortable.”

“My doctor is not only extremely competent, but she relates to me as a person. She sincerely cares about my health and my personal wellbeing.”

“Dr. Aryal came and greeted me with a friendly smile and firm handshake. She listened to me. In over 13 years I’ve never been treated this way LIKE someone really cared about my pains and what I’m going through. It’s been 13 years and no one heard me until now. I’m in tears right now because she listened to me. I will recommend this Medical office to any woman I come into contact with. I’m transferring my medical records and service to this office. Thank you.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Aryal at either office, call 919-719-2600 and let us know which location you prefer. We look forward to serving you!

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