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Medical Weight Management (with Dr. Mastoor)

Obesity is a chronic disease resulting in abnormal fat accumulation that can impair one’s health. Many people believe that the amount of fat in your body is only determined by what you eat and how much you exercise. But the reality is, it is a chronic, complex, relapsing, and often progressive disease.


Currently, 70% of the U.S population is overweight.


30.1% of North Carolinians, have a BMI of more than 30.

People who are overweight are more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other weight-related health problems. There are many reasons why people are slowly gaining weight over time. It can be hard to lose and keep the excess weight off.


Bariatrician are medical doctors that focus on improving your body weight and composition which improves overall health and quality of life. They use diet, exercise, and sometimes medications to help patients with weight loss.


Dr. Mastoor is ABIM and ABOM certified. One of her interests is non-surgical weight loss management and preventive health. She incorporates a multidisciplinary approach- working with nutritionists, behavioral therapists, exercise physiologists to give integrated therapy for patients to be successful.


Weight loss management is currently a covered service by most insurances if your body mass index is more than 30.

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Nutrition Counseling

At Wake Internal Medicine, Lori Bridges, PA-C can provide nutrition counseling services to patients of any age. The goal of nutrition counseling is to determine a patient’s existing habits and subsequently create an individualized nutrition plan.

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