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Matt Schwanke, PA-C, Helps in NYC

Wake Internal Medicine’s very own Matt Schwanke, PA-C, has answered the call to assist with the Coronavirus pandemic at its epicenter, New York City. They are desperate for additional healthcare providers, and Matt has volunteered his services. While North Carolina has yet to experience the full impact of the virus, NYC is at its peak. Matt will spend the next three weeks helping out in New York, and we wish him the very best.

Before returning to care for his patients at Wake Internal Medicine, Matt’s health will be closely monitored and, he will serve a two-week mandatory self-quarantine. While Matt is away for the next five weeks, his colleague and member of our primary care team, Kathryn Leet, PA-C, will be substituting. She will be available to care for any patient needs that occur while Matt is away.

So, please join us in wishing Matt the very best. He will be providing us with updates from time to time while in NYC, and we will be sure to share news about his experience. Good Luck, Matt, and hurry back to us safe and sound! Thank you for all that you are doing!

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