Internal Medicine Services

At Wake Internal Medicine, we provide a variety of services for your routine care as well as the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Our goal is to better serve our patients in a timely and convenient fashion. As an internal medicine service provider, our clinic contains an extensive number of on-site services that would not be available at a typical provider. Our on-site technology includes a CLIA Certified Laboratory and multiple types of radiology and endoscopy procedures. All of our internal medicine services and procedures are completed by our dedicated staff of certified lab technicians, certified technologists, or internal medicine physicians.

On-Site Technology:

Coumadin Therapy

General Ultrasound imaging

CT scans

Bone Density/DEXA


2-D Echo

Upper Endoscopy

Capsule Endoscopy




As a multi-specialty clinic, our practice spans to serve people with a wide variety of needs and attention. Our services are not limited to general wellness. Doctors of internal medicine are trained and educated in the diagnosis and management of special types of diseases or conditions. Many of our doctors are certified in sub-specialties.

Our Sub-Specialties include:

Altogether, our doctors can provide care for patients of all age groups, including children, adults, and the elderly. Our doctors can help with including preventative medicine, treatment of diseases, and counseling in areas such as nutrition and sleep. WIMC currently has 27 physicians and 2 physician assistants.

Wake Internal Medicine- Raleigh, NC

At Wake Internal Medicine Consultants, Inc., we care about the health of all types of patients. Many of our doctors are accepting new patients. Contact one of our two Raleigh, NC offices (the main office and the North Raleigh office) for questions or concerns regarding our internal medicine technology or services.