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WIMC Now Offering Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Wake Internal Medicine is now offering Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) for our Diabetic patients with the iPro device. The iPro monitor is a small, waterproof device. A tiny sensor is inserted under the skin and monitors your glucose continuously throughout the day giving us over 280 readings per 24 hours. This is beneficial for identifying patterns and even records your blood sugar while you are sleeping. This data will help us to fine tune your diet and medications to eliminate low/high glucose readings, titrate insulin or oral medications and to get you to your A1c goals. Patients are asked to check glucose 3-4x/day and record their food and activity. These sensors are worn for 3-7 days. This is
reimbursable through all major insurances. Call us at 919-781-7500 to schedule an appointment with Lori Bridges, PA-C so see if CGM is right for you!