Internal Medicine

Internal medicine doctors provide primary medical care for adults, including diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses, routine care, and preventative medicine. Internal medicine doctors may be referred to as internists, general internists, or doctors of internal medicine.

An internist attends medical school for four years and receives a minimum of three years of training in a hospital or clinic as an intern and resident. Upon completion of training a doctor may earn board certification after rigorous testing and peer review. Board certification is recognition of the doctor’s extensive training and medical skills.

internal medicine
Internists are certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. All Wake Internal Medicine and Pediatrics doctors are board certified in Internal Medicine. A number of the doctors hold additional board certifications in subspecialties including Pediatrics, Pulmonary Medicine, Geriatrics, Sleep Medicine, and Gastroenterology. We have doctors that specialize in the care you and your family need.

Common Questions and Answers

Are the doctors at Wake Internal Medicine & Pediatrics accepting new patients?

Yes. The following doctors are currently accepting new patients: Dr. Israel (Internal Medicine), Dr. Levin (IM), Dr. Kanaan (Sports Medicine), Dr. Mastoor (IM), Dr. Campbell (IM), Dr. Rico (IM), Dr Jariwala (IM), Dr. Bhat (IM), Dr. Meier (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics), Dr. McDaniels (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics), Dr. Hughes (Pediatrics), Lori Bridges, PA-C (Nutrition),  and Jessica Hedrick, PA-C (Internal Medicine)

Do you treat only children?

No, we have three doctors who are dual licensed and board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Our Med-Peds physicians treat patients of all ages and throughout their lifespan at our Durant office.

Am I able to reach a doctor after office hours?

Yes, call 919-781-7500. This will transfer you to our after hours answering service and the doctor on call will phone you back. If there are no physicians with availability that meet your needs, you can go to RXUC where the Physician Assistant is able to access your Wake Internal Medicine medical record.

If I need to see a doctor on the same day I call, will that be possible?

Yes. Call the office at 919-781-7500 and you will be scheduled to see a doctor. It may not be your regular physician but it will be with one of our doctors at the practice, or you can be seen in our affiliated Urgent Care.

How far ahead do I need to call to schedule a physical?

We generally are able to work with your schedule if you call at least two weeks ahead.