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Matt Johnson Awarded 2017 Administrator of the Year

Congratulations to Wake Internal Medicine Consultants’ Chief Administrative Officer, Matt Johnson, who was awarded NC Medical Group Management Association (NCMGMA) 2017 Administrator of the Year! Each year, NCMGMA and Medical Mutual recognize a healthcare administrator, affiliated with the NCMGMA, who has exhibited exceptional leadership management proficiency and enhanced the effectiveness of healthcare delivery in his/her practice and… Continue Reading

Smart Snacking

National dietary surveys have found that about 90% of adults, 83% of adolescents, and 97% of children snack every day, sometimes several times per day. All of this snacking between meals contributes to about one-quarter of total calories, the equivalent of a fourth meal. Unfortunately, these aren’t always nutrient-dense calories. Many of the most common… Continue Reading

The Truth Behind Coconut Oil

According to a 2016 survey published in the New York Times, 72% of Americans think coconut oil is healthful. It has often been proclaimed as a superfood with benefits that range from promoting weight loss, reducing cardiovascular disease, treating diabetes, and reversing Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are others who say that coconut oil should be avoided based on… Continue Reading

The Rise of Colon and Rectal Cancer: What You Need to Know

In the United States, doctors recommend screenings for colon and rectal cancer starting around age 50. However, according to new case studies, screenings should begin much earlier. New findings show that adults in the United States are dying from colon and rectal cancers at an increasing rate about age 50. What the studies have found According to… Continue Reading

Farmer’s Market Challenge

Farmer’s Market Challenge! Fresh produce can be expensive, but when it is in season in your area, it can be quite cost effective!  In July-August there is a particular item in season that is special to NC… the Sprite Melon!  To view what is in season, check the seasonal charts displayed here at: http://www.ncagr.gov/markets/availabilitychart.pdf The… Continue Reading