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6 Delicious Low Calorie Drink Ideas

Do you like a beverage with a little more pizzazz than plain old water?  There are plenty of other beverage options available.  This list is a great example of how low calorie beverages don’t have to include sugar or artificial sweeteners to be tasty!  Cheers!

  1. Plain water is a great choice, but can be boring after a while.  Try a seltzer/carbonated water.  Try a naturally flavored seltzer water such as La Croix.
  2. Unsweetened iced tea is offered at many restaurants and can be whipped up easily at home. Squeeze some lemon juice in for extra flavor.  Want your iced to be flavorful and transportable?  Many tea companies bottle unsweetened iced tea.  For a bottled iced tea with additional flavor without added sweeteners, check out Honest brand unsweet lemon or unsweet peach ginger teas.
  3. Hot Tea – there are so many flavors to try! A fruit flavored hot tea may provide enough natural sweetness that you won’t even think about adding a bit of sugar!
  4. Coffee, our morning cup of energy.  Try drinking it plain, or with milk.
  5. Make your water colorful!  Pop some fruit slices in your water for flavor and color.  Make fruity ice cubes with cut up fruit and some water in ice cube trays in the freezer.  Pour a small splash of 100% fruit juice into a glass of water for just a touch of natural sweetness!
  6. Be good to your bones, pour a glass of milk.  You could enjoy a milk alternate such as unsweetened nut milk or unsweetened soy milk or stick with the traditional route and have a glass of skim milk.